Namibia familiarization trip 2019

My Team is prepared for your photography workshop

I have just come back from a fantastic week in Windhoek meeting with our partners and networking further always striving to offer better services. In short going ahead with the times and keeping all in check. The main purpose of my Namibia familiarization trip 2019was to catch up with our ground operator team, meet new potential service providers, see and explore new routes and destinations


As soon as I landed at Hosea Kutako International Airport, I was welcomed by Clive who was waiting at International arrivals. We took the 45-minute drive to Windhoek and immediately started visiting potential new service providers, 4×4 hire companies, property owners to name a few. Everyone was more than keen to chat and meet with us. All had the same goal and interests in mind. This was to improve and to better the current already excellent itineraries on offer with loads more to offer to the client.

Our focus was value for money to our clients and trying to make Namibia into a guided self-drive photo safari destination covering not only wildlife but people, culture and landscapes. In short, a road trip through a beautiful country. The idea is to come up with new itineraries and routes for my guided self-drive photo safaris. 

What is a guided self-drive Photo Safari?

In brief a guided self-drive Photo Safari is a tour through Namibia that usually takes 2 – 3 weeks covering most parts of Namibia. The lead car is driven by myself and carries all the supplies like water and any extra camera equipment or luggage we might have. Each photographer is given their own 4×4 vehicle which will be their vehicle for the entire duration of the tour. It is an ideal tour to bring your spouse or family along. As we meander our way through the vastness of the country there is plenty of photo opportunities covering all subjects.

Game drives in some of the parks will be in our own vehicles while we will be guided in other areas where private game drives are not allowed. This is usually in places like private conservancies or where the deserts Elephants are. In short a fantastic Photo Tour sampling all that Namibia has to offer. Group sizes can be up to 16 pax as long as bookings are made way in advance as it does get busy.

Namibia familiarization trip march 2019


If you are interested in a unique Photo Tour more relaxed and somewhere to bring your families along this is the ideal destination for you. It is more laid back and covers a wide variety of photographic subjects. For those who are not comfortable in self-driving a driver guide can be organized. Keep in mind I will be there and am leading the convoy.

Thanks to all who made this way too short fam trip a he success. I look forward to seeing you all again. Clive you the man!

Message from me

On returning from my Namibia familiarization trip 2019 I realized how much beauty and culture was still around. From the time one lands to the time they leave they are immersed in Africa. Be it the Dunes of Sossusvlei, Deadvlei or Etosha national park Namibia is truly a special place on this continent.

Contact me to enquire about this fantastic destination and to receive more information. In short it should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Alexander Rostocil

Your Photo Safari Guide