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A Tanzania Photo Safari will show you a huge friendly country wanting and waiting to be explored. Tanzania has been one of my playing grounds during my childhood. Living in Kenya close to the border Tanzania gave me a number of opportunities to explore this massive country. I was always lucky enough to tag along.

In fact, it is a country I try to at least explore once a year in my free time. Firstly, people are very welcoming. Secondly, wildlife is abundant and thirdly the country is vast. Combining all of above Tanzania is truly an awesome photo safari destination.

Country Brief

This beautiful country is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, certainly the tallest mountain in Africa. Interestingly three of the largest lakes on the continent are also found in Tanzania. Lake Victoria in the north, Lake Tanganyika in the west and Lake Nyasa in the southwest. It has a number of important national parks and nature reserves. Firstly the Selous Game Reserve, where one of the largest populations of elephants lives. Secondly the Gombe Stream National Park, where animal expert Dr Jane Goodall carried out her famous research on chimps in their natural habitat.

The Serengeti National Park is Tanzania’s oldest and most popular park for tourists. Above all, it is host to the yearly wildebeest migration. Over 1.5 million wildebeest can be seen in Feb and March on their yearly search for grass. During this time the majority of the calving happens hence always making it an ideal opportunity to witness predators in action.

Quick facts

Located just south of the equator, Tanzania is an East African country that became a sovereign state in 1964.

There are over 100 languages spoken here, but Swahili is the main language that is meant to unify the nation.

Tanzania was called Tanganyika before the island of Zanzibar merged with Tanganyika. During the merge, a clipped compound of the name of the two states created the name Tanzania.

In 2015 the Tanzanian government decided to stop using English as a language of education. Classes will only be taught in Swahili.

Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, is also a dormant volcano. It stands approximately 19,341 ft (5,895 meters) tall.

It has actually an island called Mafia. Mafia is governed from the mainland. The economy there is based on subsistence agriculture, fishing, and the marketplace in Kilindoni.

More than 1,500 years ago, the Haya people lived on the shores on the west side of Lake Victoria. They invented a form of a high heat blast furnace, which certainly let them make carbon steel, with temperatures reaching over 3,310 degrees F (1,820 degrees C).

Lake Tanganyika is divided among four countries, including Tanzania. It is the second deepest, oldest and largest (by volume) freshwater lake in the world.

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